Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting a Verizon iPhone? That's so Last Year!

…Last year's model, that is. Yes, it's true. I had been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon for a long, long time. But when the oh so shocking "news" was announced, I rolled my eyes. Not because I'm an Android user, but because I honestly think those who rush to get a Verizon iPhone will be in for a rotten deal.

Why pay for last year's model when there's going to be a new model coming out later this year (probably during the summer)? Isn't having to endure using the same phone for 2 years hard enough? With the rapid turnover rate in cell phone technology, having a 6 month old technology while paying the same price is on the verge of unacceptable.
Granted Apple has upgraded users to newer products for free before and it looks like Verizon will have a trade-in program, I still wouldn't risk it. If your AT&T contract is set to expire soon and you're set on getting an iPhone, I suggest sticking with what you have now for a little while longer and wait for the mass exodus of users to Verizon. Who knows? Maybe it'll free up your network and make the AT&T connection faster. Then, when Apple makes an announcement for the next generation of the iPhone, you can get your hands on a new piece of technology without shelling out extra cash. By then, you'll probably be able to compare Verizon vs. AT&T as iPhone carriers, too.

Another downside to the version that will be sold in early February is the fact that it still runs on 3G. Although Verizon is not selling compatible phones yet, it has been pushing its new 4G LTE network hard. The first wave of these 4G smartphones is expected to come out in a month or two. The next generation of iPhones set to come out later this year will most likely run on 4G networks, so jumping the gun may not be a great idea.

Yes, it's been said that Verizon users will have unlimited data on the iPhone, which may be a limited time offer. And even though the provider claims that it can handle the large amount of traffic we all expect, it's not uncommon for a company to underestimate its customers' consumption rate.

I admire what Apple has done for the industry in terms of innovation, but the (even more) practical side of me has been skeptical of the iPhone since the Android platform was released. When my Verizon contract expired last year, I decided to not wait any longer for an iPhone. The Android platform was getting up to speed with several smartphones out that are equally as functional as their Apple counterpart. And boy was I happy with my choice. Comparing my Android to the iPhone, I see very little down side. Well, besides maybe the "cool" factor. But here in the heart of Silicon Valley, where iPhones are abundant and the AT&T network is especially crowded, the cool factor hasn't existed with the iPhone since 2009, anyways. 


  1. Great post. I have an iPhone. I've had it for over 2 years. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I LOVE what it can do, but I hate how many issues I've been having with my phone lately (most of which, I'm sure, are because it's old).

    I still am not ready to make the switch to Verizon. I'm unimpressed by the fact that data and voice services cannot be used simultaneously on their network; And I am unwilling to jump the gun on a new phone prior to a newer, 4G-capable version comes out.

    PS. I found your blog from the #WBchat yesterday! LOVE it!

  2. @Rachel Thanks! I've always wondered about the simultaneous usage of voice and data. I've never had it, so I guess I don't really feel like I'm missing out. How often do you use it?

    Rumor has it that Apple patented some sort of "hovering gesture" to control iphone/ipad/ipod. That should be cool and interesting.