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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. After giving up my dreams of becoming a rock star at the age of 12 (okay, not really), I decided to devote my life to studying science. In pursuit of higher education, I spent four years in Boston and received a bachelors degree a few years ago. I have since moved back to the Bay Area and have been working as an engineer at a start-up for about 2 years now.

I'm lucky that I was given some lessons on personal finance growing up. My mom raised me to be very aware of financial planning. I still receive advice (mostly unsolicited) from her from time to time. In 8th grade, my social studies teacher devoted a few weeks to teaching us about economics and investing in the stock market. It was the height of the internet bubble back then, and he told us about the IPO of Palm (remember that?!) and how he was trying to own a piece of it. I found that to be intriguing and have been following the market on and off since.

2010 was the first year that I really took full responsibility for my own finances. I've spent the past year learning the basics of personal finance. Now, I don't claim to be an expert, but being money savvy is an aspiration. In fact, one of the main reason I started this blog is a lack of (organized) information out there for people in my age group, Generation Y. I find that a lot of news/print media only devote very small sections (maybe a few articles or one chapter) specific to those of us who are just beginning to take charge of our finances and build wealth.

Don't get me wrong, though, there are some stellar bloggers who give great accounts and advice. They've motivated me to do this. I want my two cents to be another piece of the puzzle to this very complex topic. Perhaps it'll help make it easier for others who are going through the same. Feel free to comment, discuss, and share your insights as well.

As a final note, the material in this blog serves as entertainment purpose only. I am not a professional financial advisor, nor do I have a degree in finance, management, economics, etc., just someone who finds financial literacy to be incredibly sexy!

Feel free to contact me by commenting on the blog or emailing me at savvyyoungmoney@gmail.com

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