Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Savings You Can Count On In January

Holiday Cards
Stores have to get rid of them somehow to make room for Valentine's Day gifts (it always catches me off guard how quickly the aisles are covered in pink and red). So they have to sell at a huge discount. You can buy next year's supplies now. Chances are, the people you send it to won't know or care that it's a design from last year. Store them somewhere you can find, though, or you'll end up spending more to buy new ones.

If you are looking to purchase a calendar, wait until around January 15. They're likely to be discounted for around 75% off of the original price. It probably won't hurt you that much to have it 15 days late. If you can't wait until the 15th, at least wait until Jan. 1 to buy one. It'll probably be 50% off then.

Winter Accessories
A lot of retailers roll out their spring collection during this month.
To create shelf space, they normally sell cold weather gear at even lower rates than around Christmas time. If your current winter coat is close to being worn out, you can start shopping now. There's still at least a month winter left. If you're worried about things going out of style, purchase basics like pea coats or fleece jackets that are fashionable every winter.

I love going to Godiva after the Holidays. All of the chocolates they packaged with Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping are sold at a large discount, some for as much as half off. They put the same tastey truffles inside those boxes. I promise.

To counter potential weight gain from eating those Godiva truffles, you can live on cereal for the next few months (kidding!). Well, not just cereal. Resolution season means more advertisement and discounts for healthy (diet) eating options. It's actually not a bad time to stock up on non-perishables. If you are in the habit of eating cereal every morning, for example, buy in bulk in January. They probably won't expire for another 12 months. Besides, grain prices are going up due to poor crop yield around the world.


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